Who we are: We are a charity of women who fight against bad behavior towards women and children who are abandoned and who lost parents. This charity has been created in 1998, by a group of 4 women who felt the need to help women and their children who were in distress because of the many wars in east of DRC. The main goal is to contribute to the social needs of woman and children, promoting them in order that they can help themselves.

Type of knowledge or skills needed:
We've got many projects for children in difficult situations, and we need to continue in these activities doing the following:
- school reinsertion of children
- school catch up of children and work learning
- psycho-social help of children in distress, primary health and access to good health, sensibilisation in the fihgt against HIV
- creative and relaxing games in order to help traumatised children
- children's rights

Non-cash donations:
- school kits for children, copy books, pens, uniforms, school bags, shoes and for teachers books, chalk, or other pedagogical materials
- health support
- other material support for the work learning and reinsertion for violated women and children who are out of studies.

Languages spoken at your charity: French, Swahili and English
Contact name: Claudine M'MULEGWA
Telephone number: +243998667607,+243853710744

Address: 504 ELILA, BUKAVU, +243, DRC

Any further information the volunteer should know?
Nowadays we support about 350 children - we've already reinserted in professional life about 203 children who learnt various works. We are recognised by the justice ministery and we are a fit structure with an administration council, control council, executive secretary. We'd like also to inform you that we act all over the south province but our activities are focused mostly in three territories: Walungu, Kabarhe and Kalehe.