ASPG (Action Solidaire Pour La Paix Et Gouvernance)

Who we are: We are a civil society organisation recognised by the DRC Government. We works in South Kivu province in the conflict management and mitigation or peace building including governance and environment protection.

Type of knowledge or skills needed:
- Strengthen new economic governance and security mechanisms in the province of South Kivu through economic opportunities for vulnerable groups in the mining community
- Strengthening new economic governance and security mechanisms in the region through community reconciliation around mining areas and protected environment

Non-cash donations: We use the own fund equivalent to 35,000USD.

Languages spoken at your charity: French and English

Contact name: Kadesirwe Jean Jacques
Telephone number: +243 994468489

Address: 23/02, Place Mulamba Avenue,  Nguba Quarter, Kalisa Streer, Bukavu, +243, DR Congo

Any further information the volunteer should know?
We want to know how we can have access to the assistance or fund to help vulnerables for whom we are working in our charity. according to our area or zone of intervention and domain of intervention.