Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi (CIWY)

Who we are: CIWY is a Bolivian Organisation that has founded and manages three wild animal refuges in Bolivia.  In addition to caring for and where possible rehabilitating wild felines, monkeys, birds and other mammals that have been rescued from captivity, CIWY also run work shops, in order to educate the Bolivian population to uphold values that promote life, conservation, preservation and the recuperation of biodiversity.

Type of knowledge or skills needed: Everyone can volunteer, our philosophy is to accept all, animals and people alike. You do not need to have previous experience, all you need is a big heart and the will to work hard to save the animals.

Volunteers are required to stay for a minimum of 15 days (30 days if working with a feline), this is to protect and assure the animals.

Basic knowledge of the Spanish language is desirable as this will help you to get the most out of your volunteering experience. PLEASE NOTE: basic English or Spanish is required in order to volunteer!

Non-cash donations:
Check out our wishlist:

Medical Supplies:
Surgical instruments
Sterile gauze
Sterile bandages
Examination Gloves (powder-free are best)

Animal care items:
Dog collars (good quality)
Non-tip Pet Food Bowls
Pet carriers of all sizes

Office Supplies:
Ink Jet Paper
Black and Color Print Cartridges (call for details)

Electrical equipment:
Cordless drill
Gig saw
Water Pump

Combination locks
Wellington (rubber) boots
Strong climbing ropes
2-way Radios

Languages spoken at charity: Spanish & English

Contact name: Tania (Nena) Baltazar
Telephone number: 00591 4413 6572

Address: Parque Machia, Villa Tunari, Cochabamba, Bolivia


Any further information the volunteer should know? We have three separate refuges, all of which accept volunteers. Please check out the website for more details.