Equality-based Community Support and Training

Who we are: ECSAT is a registered local charitable organisation which established in Galle to assist vulnerable and marginalized people, particularly children and people with disabilities. The overriding aim of the organisation is to ensure a community life for everyone regardless of age, gender, disability, ethnicity or income.

ECSAT’s work is based on the principles of inclusion, which ensure that disabled and non-disabled people can live, study and work together in society. ECSAT believes in the rights based approach to disability and is against institutionalization and exclusion or discrimination of any kind and working with children and adults with different disabilities.

Type of knowledge or skills needed: Mainly we are looking for proposal writing skills and fundraising skills. Also it would be great to have skills of making Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) for children with disabilities.

Experienced people in the special education would be great.

Non-cash donations:

  • We do not have digital camera to take pictures of our activities. This is vital as we do need to show the progress of our activities to the funders
  • Mobiles phones for field staff are essential
  • Stationary for educational activities
  • Art and craft items for children
  • Sanitary items (Pads, ladies and gents underwear, tissues, napkins)
  • Computers for computer training for young adults with disabilities and children with disabilities
  • Wheelchairs and walking aids for people with walking difficulties

Languages spoken at charity: English and Sinhala

Contact name: Roshan Samarawickrama
Telephone number: Mobile + 94 77 348 9222  Office - +94 91 22 48 475
Email: roshanecsat@gmail.com

Address: 288/4 Wackwella Road, Galle, 80000, Sri Lanka

Website: www.ecsatlanka.org

Any further information the volunteer should know? Since we have been trying to develop the educational, life skills, social skills, sensory skills and vocational skills of children and young adults with disabilities we are always finding funding opportunities to develop new proposal for funders. So if anyone interest to fund a specific project for one year or six month please do contact me for further details. We highly appreciate your support and invite you to visit us whenever you come to Sri Lanka.