ENVODEV (Enterprise for Vocational Development)

What we do: ENVODEV is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization whose purpose is to provide economic relief in Chad through culturally and geographically relevant projects which focus on vocational training and job creation. Three main fields of activities are 1) Energy through alternative charcoal production, 2) sanitation through composting toilet system, and 3) micro-enterprise through micro-loans and consulting for small business ventures.

We need volunteers to: Volunteers are needed for punctual needs such as online fundraising campaigns, or semi-regular needs such as translating and writing. Volunteers are also needed in Chad from time to time, for photography, story-writing, but also in project consulting, and construction.

Non-cash donations needed: Small solar power generators for laptop or cell phone charging (less than 3% of Chad has access to electricity). Blue jumpsuits for charcoal production, work gloves, but also items such a pens, office stuff (binders, clipboards, etc.) are hard to come by in Chad.

Contact name: David De Armey
Telephone number: (France) + 33 7 70 94 63 62
Email: david.dearmey@envodev.org

Address: BP 310, N/A (no street names in Chad), Moundou, Chad

Website: www.envodev.org

Languages spoken: French, English, Chadian Arabic

Other useful information: Our projects are very straightforward and easy to communicate. If a person wants to volunteer to set up an informational meeting/presentation, it can easily be done. ENVODEV likes to share what it does through small-scale, low-key meetings. We could gladly share all info and material necessary to organize a fun event wherever it can be done.