Who we are: Working alongside the Egyptian charity Al Bader in Beshlaw village in Upper Egypt.Having established and equipped a small school for the village a plot of land was then purchased on which to build a medical centre/clinic. This clinic now has perimeter walls and internal rooms but more funding is required to carry on the project. Septic tanks have been installed within the village to drain away dirty surface water from the streets which has resulted in less flies and minor infection to children's feet.

Type of knowledge or skills needed: There is no shortage of village labour as everyone is keen to help but funding is the main priority to buy building materials.Fundraisers are always welcome as this would enable Help in  Egypt to do so much more for the people of Beshlaw

Help in Egypt will try to help anyone regardless of their creed or colour.

Non-cash donations: Medical items for the clinic, more school equipment,appeal for another projector,small mini bus, pick up truck to distribute food parcels and transport the sick and elderly to hospital. IT equipment,school desks and chairs.

BESHLAW is 40 miles from the nearest hospital,if we had transport it could mean the difference of life or death for the people of Beshlaw.

Languages spoken at charity: English and Arabic.

Contact name: Mrs Ferzana Qureshi
Telephone number: 01494440337----------------07951786339

Address: 177 Deeds Grove, High Wycombe, HP12 3 PA, United Kingdom


Any further information the volunteer should know?
Help in Egypt would be happy to have volunteers to raise funds and awareness of the plight of the poor families in Beshalw.At present  we do not have the facilities to have volunteers to stay in but hopefully in the future when the building work on the clinic is complete we would be looking for nursing skills in all fields. Right now the best way anyone could help would be fundraising. If everyone gave a little it would add up to much.