Who we are: The purpose of this project, which aims at eliminating and fighting the root causes of exclusion and marginalization, is to promote education of the children. This favours integration of the children in society thanks to the implication of the school and also the parents by encouraging them to reintegrate the street children back into their homes.

SOS MWANA houses 68 children with ages ranging from 2 up to 20 years old. These children have been orphaned or abandoned and neglected.  This project aims to reintegrate these children back in to the education system and back into their family homes.

Type of knowledge or skills needed: Teachers, coaches of all levels - primary and secondary school and university level.

Non-cash donations: Transport, kitchen equipment, furniture, school supplies, medical supplies, clothing and food.

Languages spoken at your charity: French

Contact name: Father Jean Pierre Capet (the founder)
Telephone number: +241 07 71 66 01 / +241 06 26 65 17

Address: Centre MAME, Libreville, B.P. 723, Gabon