AAP Foundation

Who we are: 
AAP is a rescue centre for primates and other exotic mammals. Based in the Netherlands, we house animals from all over Europe. They have been confiscated, abandoned or offered by private owners as a result of illegal trade, were being exhibited in illegal zoos or used in the entertainment industry. AAP specializes in housing primates and other small, non-domesticated mammals, such as raccoons, skunks and prairie dogs. At AAP they receive the professional care needed for their recovery. After a process of rehabilitation, we aim to outplace our animals in relatively natural environments, such as renowned zoos and animal parks.
Type of knowledge or skills needed: 
Voluntary work takes up an important place at AAP Rescue Centre for Exotic Animals. Most volunteers work in the field of Animal Care. Their effort is invaluable. Volunteering at an animal care department is possible at AAP Almere (The Netherlands) and AAP Primadomus (Spain). Required sills and knowledge depend on the vacancy. Vacancies can be found on our website.
Non-cash donations: 
- Various enrichment materials, such as thick ropes, blankets, fire hoses - Tools, office equipment - All kinds of nuts (expensive but very much liked by our animals!)
Languages spoken at charity: 
English, Dutch
Contact name: 
Stichting AAP
Telephone number: 
(0031) 36 523 87 87
1 Kemphaanpad, Almere, 1358 AC, The Netherlands
Any further information the volunteer should know?: 
We have a strict 'hands off' policy, which means there is no direct contact with the animals.