About us

Waiting for a Cab came about because we have often found ourselves with time to spare whilst travelling. Why not do something useful by putting a few hours, or even a couple of spare days, to good use?

Waiting for a Cab is a genuine not-for-profit venture. We think this keeps things simple, keeps the charities in charge, and means there are no hidden agendas.

But we are also conscious of the fact that an outsider's arrival at a charity can often be a distraction, something that may actually hamper rather than help the organisation's day-to-day work. With this in mind, our aim is that the relationship between the volunteer and the charity must be entirely beneficial to the charity, rather than the other way round.

We do not accept any donations – if you'd like to contribute to one of the organisations featured on this website, please contact them directly.

Waiting for a Cab was founded by Atam Sandhu and Tom Burnett. 


With thanks

Steven Jones (UK - Creative Media House Ltd), Lindsey Block (India), Katrin Macmillan (UK, Nigeria), Jean Marie Vianney Kongolo (DRC), Emily Bild (India), Jonathan Capal (Australasia), Vicky Seymour (UK, DRC), Katherine Meeson (South & Central America), Robyn Kingston (Australasia), Chris Gerrard (Africa & UK), Anthony Hopkins (Central America), Guy Radcliffe (UK - http://www.andmegraphic.co.uk), Martin Frick (Germany, Europe, UN), Suki Talwar (Europe).