Algerian Action

Who we are: Algerian Action is a small charity based in Algiers and London that has been assisting poverty stricken children and families living in Algeria since 2007.

We maintain a variety of projects including the distribution of food and clothing along with special schemes that provide medical aid to all and essentials to newborn babies. We mainly assist those living in the community but also provide help to those in refuges, hospitals and orphanages.

Type of knowledge or skills needed: Everyone involved in Algerian Action is a volunteer so ALL skills are needed and welcomed!

Non-cash donations: Clothing for children aged 0-16 years, blankets, food, school supplies, soap and toothpaste, toys.

Languages spoken at charity: Arabic, French, English
Contact name: Ahmed
Telephone number: 0663310182

Address: Casbah, Algiers, 16, Algeria