Ama Wheelies of Lydenburg

Who we are: Ama Wheelies is a home for quadriplegics and paraplegics, we provide accommodation, rehabilitation, specialized training and sticky keys on Windows for people unable to use hands.
Ama Wheelies has been extremely successful in our job creation projects for disabled persons
Ama Wheelies promote disable sports

Type of knowledge or skills needed: Help is required training and sportsmen in tennis, basketball, archery and other sports to further the abilities of disabled persons.
Developing the business ventures for the disabled a slow process and you can help market them to grow the small projects

Non-cash donations: Product donation this not practical at our home and we do not promote handing product to individuals. Product is needed from time to time, please inquire what is needed. Donated product can be equipment and items as required by the home to administer and successfully take care of quadriplegics.

Languages spoken at charity: English, Afrikaans and Zulu

Contact name: Barry Botes
Telephone number: 079 875 5040

Address: 6 Langdraai, Farm Rietfontein, Thabachweu, 1120, South Africa


Any further information the volunteer should know? Strict security and rules apply.