Who we are: Ammalife is a group of like-minded people who wanted to make a difference to the disturbing state of maternal health in developing countries. We are all volunteers who are dedicated to saving mother’s lives worldwide. As healthcare professionals, with experience of working in developing countries, many of us had witnessed maternal death first hand. United by our dream that no woman should die whilst giving life to her child, we are engaged in various projects and programmes to reduce maternal deaths in the developing world.

Our mission at Ammalife is to save mothers from dying during pregnancy or childbirth. Our focus is on the developing world countries. Ammalife draws on the expertise of professionals within Women’s health, and those with experience in developing countries. It brings together ideas, research, resources, projects and training to where they are needed most to make a difference.

There are five main reasons why women die in pregnancy. Excessive bleeding,  obstructed labour, this is when the baby cannot pass through the birth canal. It is most common in young girls whose bodies are not yet mature, and women who are underdeveloped because they are malnourished, unsafe abortion, infection and high blood pressure, which can lead to women fitting before, during, or after birth. More than 70% of Women that die die from one of the five complications. Besides these causes, there are also other reasons why women die. Women often cannot access care, cannot afford to pay for care, or good quality care is simply not available

What we do: Most of the reasons why women die can be prevented through simple, affordable measures, such as providing the funding to transport women to a health facility; we can prevent the needless loss of 287,000 women every year. We are not powerless to change this, we can prevent most of these deaths. Women need not die in childbirth. Ammalife addresses this though the following:

Projects: Havelian, Pakistan: “Life-saving Journey” project: Ammalife safely transports women in labour or with complications from the distant mountainous areas to hospital to receive emergency life-saving care.

Research: In resource poor settings, it is important that every penny or cent is used wisely. Research is important in identifying what works and what doesn’t in preventing a mother from dying. Ammalife trustees and volunteers are highly accomplished researchers who have turned their attention to research on identifying effective ways of stopping mothers death.  Ammalife research has been published in prestigious medical journals (BMJ, Lancet).

Health partnership: Ammalife has a comprehensive health partnership between Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Blantyre, Malawi and Birmingham Women’s Hospital. This includes exchange of staff, refurbishment and joint training events, amongst other activities.

Advocacy: Ammalife is partners with MADE in Europe, in the campaign to raise awareness of maternal death within developing countries. “At Our Mothers’ Feet” aims to inspire UK Muslim communities to take action to combat maternal deaths worldwide and support more Muslim charities to work on maternal health issues. The project is funded by UK Department for International Development.

Type of knowledge needed

Volunteer Malawi: Ammalife supports senior healthcare professionals wishing to volunteer and contribute their time and clinical skills to enhance patient care at Queens Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi. This includes doctors, midwives, nurses and pharmacists. We also support non-medical volunteers with specific skills such as builders, electricians, plumbers, secretaries, wishing to contribute time and skills to improve the general estates of the building, the patient facilities or enhance the current records and administration system. We would also support librarians and researchers experienced with literature searching to enhance the knowledge of clinician and encourage evidence based clinical practice.

Fundraise: Ammalife would wholeheartedly support groups or individuals wishing to hold fundraising events or activities 

IT/Graphics: With the publication of new evidence facts and figures constantly change, this means Ammalife needs to update the resources they use on a regular basis. Improving our website, designing new flyers, business cards, banners and newsletters is very much needed if volunteers have these skills.

Film editing: Ammalife has filmed footage from their projects, we have made one film to date, with another in the process. However we have lots of footage that could be made into a short video that could be used for fundraising or promoting our cause.

Non-cash donations: As Ammalife runs targeted projects that aim to make the biggest difference with the resources it uses, any non-cash donations should ideally be discussed with Ammalife prior to donation. For example, we are currently working to create a high dependency care unit for sick mothers in Blantyre, Malawi, so at the moment equipment such as blood pressure machines and thermometers would be helpful. However this will change once this project has been completed, so to ensure that every donation we receive is used effectively please contact us before.

Address: Registered in UK, Birmingham. Projects currently running in Havelian, Pakistan and Blantyre, Malawi.

Languages spoken at Ammalife: English, Urdu, French, Arabic, Tamil


Contact: Amie Wilson