Apoyo Positivo

Who we are: 
Apoyo Positivo is an non-profit association that, for already 20 years, takes care of the psychological and social needs of people living with HIV, through development of different programs and projects. We've been working on conducts and healthful habits for promoting health, with the aim of reducing risky behaviors and situations, improving the adhesion to the antiretroviral treatment and facilitating a precocious diagnosis of the disease (through service of HIV fast test). Also we fight against the virus and the social discrimination associated and we work on the rest of STIs and sexual health and education and promote SRHR.
Type of knowledge or skills needed: 
Apoyo Positivo is looking for volunteering in different areas and skills related: - Psycho-social area: psychologist or therapist are needed for running workshops and therapies and also psychological assistance for people living with HIV and sexual diseases or problems. - Prevention: we are looking for any kind of background for volunteer who wants to help us in prevention campaigns (educational workshops in schools, campaigns design, cyber volunteer, etc.) You can contact our organisation for further information
Non-cash donations: 
Technological materials and office materials are always needed for our activities.
Languages spoken at charity: 
Spanish, English
Contact name: 
Jorge Garrido
Telephone number: 
26 Avenida Llano Castellano, Madrid, 28034, Spain