Aussie Helpers

Who we are: 
We are a registered charity fully operated by volunteers. The charity started in May 2002 to assist farming families affected by the drought in Australia. Since then we have gone on to help farming families all over Australia in dealing with disasters such as drought, floods and bush fires. Our main work is in the recovery stage where we help rebuild farms that have been severely affected by major weather events.
Type of knowledge or skills needed: 
No special skills required however trades people are always in demand. Being compassionate is a must as the families we deal with have been through terrible times and most are struggling to keep their farms viable.
Non-cash donations: 
The best way to help is with gift cards such as store cards, Bunnings cards and fuel cards are extremely important. Tools, electric and manual are always in demand especially after floods and bush fires.
Languages spoken at charity: 
Contact name: 
Brian Egan
Telephone number: 
54, Edward Street, Charleville, 4470, Australia
Any further information the volunteer should know?: