Baraka Community Partnerships

Who we are: Baraka Community Partnerships is a young, vibrant and small charity set up by a group of friends in 2006 and registered in 2007. We are based in England and Canada.

We are motivated by a desire to give a helping hand to people in developing countries who may not have the privileges, or ‘Baraka’ (‘blessing’), we have enjoyed in the developed world.

We work in close collaboration with local communities and require they take ownership of each project by identifying priorities and contributing in some way.

100% of donations we receive go directly towards our projects.

Type of knowledge or skills needed: In Morocco no particular skills are needed for the work we do other than a desire to help our local commnunity and to get your hands dirty. Much of our work is manual so you would need to be reasonably healthy. We do however run a medical programme in the village so any Doctors, Nurses, Dentists or Therapists are most welcome.

Non-cash donations: Clothes and shoes (particularly children's); first aid supplies; sports equipment and games; school supplies; tooth paste and tooth brushes; blankets; coats; tools

Languages spoken at your charity: English, Frenc, Arabic, Berber

Contact name: Andy Mckee
Telephone number: 07504 987367

Address: 75 High Street, Shepperton, TW17 9AB, England


Any further information the volunteer should know? Our village of Tijhza is located in the High Atlas mountains and is fairly remote. It is a beautiful village with friendly villagers. Our local project coordinators Mohamed Al Qasamy and his english wife Carolyn also run a homestay business and you will be staying with them. Carolyn and Mohamed will help you with all transport and accommodation logistics and will look after you well.