Bay Islands Foundation c/o Iguana Research & Breeding Station

Who we are: The Bay Islands Foundation is a Honduran NGO charity in charge of the Iguana Research & Breeding Station (1994), a conservation center dedicated to the protection and study of endangered species and ecosystems of the island of Utila, in the Bay Islands of Honduras.

Type of knowledge or skills needed: We welcome people from different backgrounds and expertise. Teachers, communicators, carpenters, artists, and naturalists are all useful for the completion of our goals.

Non-cash donations:
environmental education materials
wildlife monitoring equipment
arts & crafts
office materials, etc.

Languages spoken at charity: english, spanish

Contact name: Helder I. Pérez
Telephone number: 504- 3367-1196

Address: 504- 2425-3946 Iguana Road, Utila, 0000, Honduras