Blind SA

What we do: Blind SA is a national NGO whose main function is to empower visually impaired South Africans especially in the fields of literacy and knowledge. Some of the services we offer are:  Braille instruction, Braille production and printing, Orientation and Mobility training, Study bursaries for visually impaired student going to tertiary level education, career advice and assistance, advocacy for rights of visual impaired people, interest free loan so that are able to buy assistive devices which improves their work capabilities and much more.

We need volunteers to: Creating awareness about visually impaired people; Job training and placement; Advocacy for quality education for visually impaired children.

Our Head Committee (the controlling body) consists only of visually impaired volunteers

Non-cash donations needed: Due to the nature of our work, we are involved in most aspects of visually impaired people’s lives and so, we accept all Non-cash donations.

Contact name: Cathy Donaldson – President; Karin Gouws - PRO.
Telephone number: 011 839 1793/4
Email: Cathy - / Karin -                         

Address: 102 to 104, Eighth Avenue, Mayfair, Johannesburg, 2092, South Africa


Languages spoken: English, Afrikaans

Other useful information: Our focus is to:
Educate visually impaired people in the art of reading and writing Braille as this is still the only true form of literacy for them as it give them access to the written word. Though technology had improved and is very helpful, not all visually impaired people can afford this technology, as it is very costly.