Who we are: Carismaperu is an organization whose name means friendship, generosity and love toward other people. It was established with the primary objective of improving and developing the abilities and skills of children and adolescents who live in the rural and high Andean regions of the central sierra of Peru. Carismaperu provides the essential bond between the volunteers and the least-developed communities of this region.

Type of knowledge or skills needed: People who want to help people in need and be responsable with their job since the beginning till the end of their job. We need people who feel involve with our goal that is help.

Non-cash donations:
For volunteering is free, just volunteers pay 20 american dollars for enrolment fee and Homestay family that includes 3 meals, own bed, wifi, the cost per week is 100 american dollars.

Languages spoken at charity: English, Spanish
Contact name: Elizabeth Sagua
Telephone number: 51 064 964886898

Address: 426 Jiron Pichcus, Huancayo - Junin - Peru, 064, Peru


Any further information the volunteer should know? Is very important to know that Huancayo is a safe city, you don't  need any vaccination like yellow fever, also about the climate is sunny during the days so you need to bring sun cream and in the nights is cold so you will need warm clothes. The work is from monday to friday and on weekends are off so you will have the opportunity to explore the touristic places with volunteers, Eli and Neto.