Carpathian Foundation Slovakia

Who we are: 
The Carpathian Foundation is a regional non – profit organization serving Eastern Slovakia. The Foundation was created in 1994 and has been providing financial support, training and advisory services to active people and non – profit organizations in order to help improve living conditions in Eastern Slovakia. The Foundation's flagship themes are community – based poverty alleviation and corporate social responsibility concept development. The Foundation’s grant programs seek to support development of the region in a variety of areas. The Foundation supports collaboration, partnerships on the local level and community engagement into solutions towards local issues.
Type of knowledge or skills needed: 
As the Foundation is a grant-making organization primarily, its priority is to raise funding from a variety of resources ranging from available community work-focused European Union funds to local resources from corporate sector and individuals. In the field of its own development, the Foundation would appreciate professional fundraiser's help, experts from the area of strategic planning, crisis management, financial management etc. To enrich its training programs, the Foundation welcomes volunteers with capacity to provide training in areas such as programmatic development, fundraising on the local level, how to recruit and work with volunteers, financial management in volunteer organizations, etc.
Non-cash donations: 
The Foundation appreciates donations of office supplies, services in form of web management, public relations, graphic works, technical equipment etc., affordable rental.
Languages spoken at charity: 
Slovak, English, Russian, Hungarian
Contact name: 
Laura Dittel
Telephone number: 
00421 55 622 1152
27 Letná, Košice, 04001, Slovakia