Casa de la cultura de La Boquilla

Who we are: We are a center for developing cultural, artistical, social, ecoturisticas, ecological and communitarian activities in a black community in cartagena.

Type of knowledge or skills needed: we work with young, adults, and children, we need english teacher, and artist teacher, theatre professor, musician, to be create leadership in a community, or things to be a entrepreneurs.

Non-cash donations: we receive good things in good state,  things our community need or we can present proposal or project to develop with our community.

Languages spoken at charity: Spanish mother language

Contact name: Rony Monsalve Perez
Telephone number: 57- 318 237 95 74

Address: 57-318 237 95 74, La Boquilla Cra. 4 # 62-04, Cartagena, 051, Colombia


Any further information the volunteer should know? We are a black fishermen village (community) with our own traditions and cosmovision, we do also community based tourism inside sharing time with us.