Central America Spanish School

Who we are: Student satisfaction since 1999. Central American Spanish School (CASS) has been delivering results to its student clients for 13 years. The latter program being popular with business personal, medical professionals, engineers and research scientists who are seeking accelerated results and/or special vocabulary. Students of all levels are welcome.in CASS always provided its student clients with volunteer works oportunities , Because of many requests our Spanish School is offering structured Spanish programs which combine serious and immersion Spanish instructors  with volunteer works oportunities.

Type of knowledge or skills needed: As we have several options, skills or knowledge of the program depends on where you want to work. A volunteer trabajra want one of our projects must verify or notify your skills and we will give recommendations that should work project.

In short there are options for primary and secondary school teachers, social workers, students with a desire to help our people, doctors, nurses and anyone who has a skill and want to share it with us.

Non-cash donations:
Education: notebooks, pencils, pens, erasers, colors, reading books for children and youth in Spanish and English. Social Projects, shirts, clothes in general for children.
Hospial and health clinics: Clothing for patients, doctors and nurses clothing, small medical equipment such as gloves, bandages, plasters, thread for sutures, scalpels, ect

Languages spoken at charity: Spanish, English and French

Contact name: Jimmy Linares
Telephone number: 504.2443-6452 / 504- 3261-7538 or 9586-6386
Email: caspanish@gmail.com or cass@ca-spanish.com

Address: 148 First street, La Ceiba, 1142, Honduras - Centro America

Website: www.ca-spanish.com

Any further information the volunteer should know? Our programs are welcome all who have a desire to help and learn from our culture and our children and youth. Any skill that you will be very utila development of our boys and girls.