Centro Ecologico "Los Cuartos"

Who we are: Since 1990 we have dedicated ourselves to instilling genuine environmental awareness into our visitors. For more than a decade we have promoted, developed and disseminated plans and programs focusing on environmental education, in the hope of conveying our attitudes toward the natural environment and convincing our visitors that they can contribute to environmental sustainability by taking direct action themselves.

Our mission is become an established civil institution that is committed to the promotion of the culture of sustainability via environmental education projects that are aimed primarily at a younger demographic.

Type of knowledge or skills needed:
Knowledge on environmental issues.
Environmental education
Sports and recreation.
Graphic design and media.
Social skills and openness to a different culture.

Non-cash donations: None. Just time and willingness to team work in favor of making our planet a better place to live.

Languages spoken at charity: Spanish and English

Contact name: Jesús Estrada
Telephone number: (+52 449) 965 00 87,  965 01 38 and 965 17 51
Email: info@cuartos.org.mx

Address: 1 Jesús María, Aguascalientes, 20900, México

Website: www.cuartos.org.mx;

Any further information the volunteer should know?
In a ten year period we have welcomed over 100 volunteers from all over the world. We consider this program to be of huge importance not only with regard to the day-to-day running of camps and activities, but also in the sense that with every volunteer there is an opportunity to utilize their attitudes, values, language and expertise in a mutually beneficial manner. Our international volunteer program has been a great success in transforming ‘Los Cuartos’ into multicultural institution. And we are looking forward to expand even further. So we need you!