Banyan Tree Reading Centre

Who we are: 
Banyan Tree Reading Centre runs a non-profit children's library in Myanmar's old capital, Rangoon (Yangon). The library provides Burmese and English children's books to the public. The Reading Centre also has a children's art and play area to provide an affordable place for children to play, read and learn.
Type of knowledge or skills needed: 
We are looking for volunteer fundraisers to help get the library started. Wherever you are, whatever you do – you can help raise funds for the children of Myanmar. Email us at for more information. We are looking for an international volunteer to help us with fundraising and library management.
Non-cash donations: 
Banyan Tree Reading Centre is looking for donations to assist in funding the library. We need US$5,000 to help us keep the library running for the next year.
Languages spoken at charity: 
Burmese, English
Rangoon (Yangon)
Any further information the volunteer should know?: 
Banyan Tree Reading Centre in Yangon's first children's library. Banyan Tree Reading Centre works through developmentally appropriate children's games, art and literacy classes to build early literacy skills and a love of reading among Yangon's children.