Development Action for Women Network

Who we are: 
The Development Action for Women Network (DAWN) is a non-government development organization created on February 6, 1996 to assist Filipino women migrants in Japan and their Japanese-Filipino children (JFC) in the promotion and protection of their human rights and welfare.
Type of knowledge or skills needed: 
DAWN provides hands-on computer training course for women, particularly on MS Word and MS Excel - any help with these and other IT skills much appreciated. In addition, legal skills, educational, counselling, health skills.
Non-cash donations: 
IT equipment, accommodation, travel.
Languages spoken at charity: 
Filipino, English, Japanese
Contact name: 
Carmelita Nuqui
Telephone number: 
(632) 526-9098
Room 514, Don Santiago Building, 1344 Taft Avenue, Ermita, Manila, 1000, Philippines
Any further information the volunteer should know?: 
The alternative livelihood program provides opportunities to address medium-term concerns and needs of the women clients. Social services give them a sure line of hope and the necessary sense of security to the women clients at the point when they need them most. However, as they gradually rebuild their lives, they need to regain and strengthen their sense of dignity and self-worth by actively participating in productive activities. Such efforts are designed to open up for them more long-term economic opportunities and hopefully, adequate sources of alternative livelihood.