Who we are: 
Since its inception in 1994, Interpal has, together with its local partners, supported thousands of Palestinians through projects aimed at alleviating poverty, providing health care, advancing education, and fostering community development. Interpal supports beneficiaries across the Gaza Strip, West Bank, Lebanon and Jordan. Interpal has 4 main areas of activity: Humanitarian Aid (including water aid); Medical Assistance; Education; and Community Development.
Type of knowledge or skills needed: 
We are always in need of volunteers - they’re the backbone of our work. By becoming a volunteer for Interpal, you’ll get valuable charity experience, learn about the cause and meet some interesting people. And we’re going to be holding Volunteer Training Days as well. So even if you have no idea what we do or what’s going on in Palestine, we’ll be able to help you fill the gaps. Details of our next training day will be posted here soon so watch this space!
Non-cash donations: 
There are thousands of ways to help raise funds for Palestinians in need. It’s easy and we’ve even created a fundraising pack full with everything you need to get started; ideas, posters, banners, badge designs and t-shirts, leaflets, videos and a PowerPoint presentation to show all your donors.
Languages spoken at charity: 
Palestinian Arabic, English
Contact name: 
Gaza Office Manager
Telephone number: 
Abu Alqomsan Building, 2nd Floor, Shifa Street, south of Shifa Tower, Gaza, Palestine
Any further information the volunteer should know?: 
Last year, through your donations, gifts were distributed to the many needy children and orphans supported through Interpal. You brought smiles to thousands of faces across Gaza, The West Bank and in refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon. Thousands of families received monthly sponsorship, enabling them to meet their on-going basic needs.