Orangutan Health Project

Who we are: 
The Orangutan Health Project (OHP) was the first orangutan research project to investigate special behaviours and ecological conditions necessary to maintain health in wild orangutans.
Type of knowledge or skills needed: 
Type of knowledge or skills needed Entering behavioural data collected by Field Assistants, Organising samples of orangutan foodstuffs and preparing for our herbarium, Organising faecal samples collected by Field Assistants, Preparing equipment for Field Assistants to go to the forest, Preparing behavioural data sheets, Preparing sample bottles for Field Assistants, Brainstorming ideas to help the project’s promotion, Keeping temperature, weather and humidity data records updated.
Non-cash donations: 
Good quality compasses for plotting routes taken by orangutans through the forest and for conducting nest transect surveys, Scanner/printer, Motorbikes, Solar panels. Computers or laptops, Radio and rechargeable batteries and charger, Cell phones, Refrigerator, Solar panels, generator and related equipment sufficient to power the equipment listed above. Land Rover to allow access to the new research station, 20 km from Bukit Lawang and a five-hour drive from the nearest sealed road.
Languages spoken at charity: 
Indonesian, English, Czech
Contact name: 
Ivona Foitova
Telephone number: 
Timbang Lawan, nr Medan, Indonesia