Playgrounds for Palestine

Who we are: 
A great deal of work and effort goes into building these playgrounds. Playgrounds that are purchased abroad are shipped and assembled using local labor. We transfer "ownership" of the equipment to a local Palestinian NGO or municipality that takes over the responsibility of maintaining the playground and providing access to all children. The land is always donated.
Type of knowledge or skills needed: 
PfP is always looking for volunteers to help with various aspects of operations, including legal, accounting, administrative, construction [requires travel to Palestine], media, graphic designs, event planning, web updates, grassroots outreach, chapter coordination, and, of course, fundraising.
Non-cash donations: 
At this time, PfP strongly encourages interested volunteers to host or organize an olive oil party to raise donations for PfP's mission while allowing people to enjoy the richness of olive oil from Palestine.
Languages spoken at charity: 
English, Palestinian Arabic
Contact name: 
Susan Abulhawa
P.O. Box 559 , PA, Yardley, PA, 19067, USA