Develop Africa Trust

Who we are: 
The Develop Africa Trust was set up to originate, develop, implement and monitor sustainable solutions to poverty and illiteracy in Africa Sub-Sahara by creating opportunities for local communities to produce what they need whilst creating jobs and providing free training for youths with minimal education. Our primary objective is to provide uniforms and sandals to some of the 20 million children who walk to school barefoot everyday. To achieve this, we recruit young men and women with a minimal education, train them and employ them in our uniform and sandal making workshops.
Type of knowledge or skills needed: 
Fundraising, Marketing
Non-cash donations: 
Fabrics, haberdashery, leather, sandal soles, shoe making machinery, garment making machinery, knitting machinery.
Languages spoken at charity: 
Contact name: 
Telephone number: 
3 Warwick Square, London, SW1V 2AA, UK
Any further information the volunteer should know?: 
We are a small Charity just starting out and other skill may become needed as we grow. Please contact us directly to see how you could be of help.