Development Workshop

Who we are: Development Workshop has been working in Angola since 1981 at the national government’s request to assist in developing policies and programs for human settlements and self-help housing. Through the last decades, DW has adopted a strategy of supporting the emerging Angolan civil society and the process of local government decentralisation while working closely with local community organisations.

Type of knowledge or skills needed: Regarding volunteers we need TA in ICT, web design, GIS open-source for municipal development, GIS land cadastre, using social media for urban services monitoring, low-cost sanitation, database development.

Non-cash donations: Wireless networking equipment - we run a community access Internet VSAT based service in Huambo. Laptops, masonry & carpentry tool kits for low-cost house builders.

Languages spoken at charity: Mainly Portuguese

Contact name: Allan Cain
Telephone number: +244 222 448 366 / 71 / 77

Address: 113 Rua Rei Katyavala, Luanda, C.P. 3360, Angola


Any further information the volunteer should know? DW continues to have one of the strongest NGO presences in Angola and currently manages a large number of successful projects in the following sectors: Water and Sanitation, Participative Planning, Micro-finance, Shelter, Peace building and Citizenship, Decentralisation, Monitoring, Research &  Strategy, and Land Tenure.