The Donkey Shelter

Who we are: 
The Donkey Shelter (Abrigo do Jumento) was founded by Burricadas as a rescue centre for old, abandoned or ill-treated donkeys, where these animals receive all the necessary care and for many, it represents a well-deserved retirement. The Association Burricadas is particularly committed to rescue old donkeys destined for slaughter, often buying them from local meat merchants, in order to save them, before they are taken to the abattoir or other place of slaughter.
Type of knowledge or skills needed: 
We welcome applications from farriers/trimmers, equine dentists and most needed carpenters. Other general duties include feeding and grooming the animals, cutting weeds, repairing electric fencing. Due to the nature of the work, we would prefer male volunteers.
Non-cash donations: 
Basic equestrian equipment (even second-hand is appreciated), like headcollars (pony sizes), leadropes, fly fringes, waterproof sheets; veterinary supplies like wormers for equines, hybiscrub/anti-septic wash, bute, vet wrap, lint, vitamin supplements etc.
Languages spoken at charity: 
Portuguese, English
Contact name: 
Diogo Pimenta / Maria Manuel
Telephone number: 
Mafra, Portugal