El Centro de la Niña Trabajadora - CENIT

Who we are: CENIT is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization located in southern Quito, Ecuador, devoted to helping working and vulnerable children, especially girls, and their families to overcome grinding poverty and to improve their quality of life by means of social and educational support.

Type of knowledge or skills needed: Intermediate to advanced Spanish; patience, working with children; experience with education and/or creative arts; fundraising; administration; health and medicine; psychology and social work.

Non-cash donations: Medical supplies, medicines, vitamins, school supplies, youth clothing donations, computers and printers

Languages spoken at charity: Spanish (some English in voluntariado)

Contact name: Gladys Pérez
Telephone number: +593-2-265-2861
Email: contact@cenitecuador.org

Address: E2-63 Calle Huacho, Quito, 17-02-5256, Ecuador

Website: www.cenitecuador.org

Any further information the volunteer should know? We would like more long term (3-12mos) commitments if possible, in order to provide some stability for the youth.