El Maestro en Casa, Inc.

Who we are: El Maestro en Casa was created in 1995 to provide quality accredited education to the marginalized rural population of Intibuc√°, Honduras who are perched on the periphery of the traditional Honduran education system due to their poverty and geographic isolation. This year we have more than 350 registered students, ages 12 to 65, in grades 7 through high school. The vast majority are indigenous Lenca who live in widely dispersed houses scattered through the mountains.

Type of knowledge or skills needed:
Advanced Spanish language skills are needed to help tutor students, help prepare classes, and perhaps give classes.
Advanced computer skills will help us design and improve our computer courses; only beginner and intermediate Spanish is needed.
Teaching English as a foreign language also requires beginner or intermediate Spanish.
We also need farmers, electricians, masons and carpenters.

Non-cash donations:
Books in Spanish for children, youths and adults
Vegetable, herb and flower seeds
School and office supplies

Languages spoken at charity: Spanish, some English

Contact name: Susan Stone
Telephone number: 504 2783 2728
Email: lencaeducation@gmail.com

Address: Ciudad Civica, La Esperanza, 14101, Honduras

Website: http://lencaeducation.org/

Any further information the volunteer should know? Volunteers can rent a tiny apt. in a secure complex that houses private school teachers for $25/week, or can arrange for a home stay for $50/week. La Esperanza is the highest mesa in the country and has the coldest climate.