El Nahual Community Centre Non-Profit Language School

Who we are: El Nahual is a community centre and a fully non-profit Spanish school for foreign students. All of our Spanish school fees benefit our social development-through-education programmes.

The mission behind El Nahual is to develop and promote programmes in education, art, culture, sport and cooperative work, which drive social
change within the general population. We strive to provide affordable or free education to families and children who would not otherwise have the resources or opportunity to attend the school.

Type of knowledge or skills needed: Our volunteers plan and teach classes, such as English, art and sport, so some experience in teaching is helpfull, but not necessary.

If a volunteer has a good knowledge of IT, we could use their skills for web page maintaining etc.

We are building new class rooms and need help in our construction.

Also, people with experience in fundraising and organizing events are very welcome.

Non-cash donations:
material for craft classes: pens, papel, tape, glue, paint, stickers etc
white board markers, note books
games and Spanish books for children, Spanish-English dictionaries

Languages spoken at charity: Spanish, English

Contact name: Jenna Pohjonen (International Coordinator)
Telephone number: (502) 5606-1704
Email: cdl.elnahual@gmail.com

Address: 9-54, 28 Avenida, Quetzaltenango, Interior Zona 1, Guatemala

Website: http://www.languageselnahual.com

Any further information the volunteer should know? We ask all volunteers to donate $25 USD or Q200 one time in order to help further support our programs. We are not able to provide free food or accommodation to our volunteers. However, we do offer optional and affordable homestays with local families, which provide students and volunteers an opportunity to learn a great deal about Guatemalan culture and to practice their Spanish. Also, we offer Spanish classes for all levels, and cultural activities to immerse oneself into the culture more.