Estacion Los Cedros Conservation in the Ecuadorian Choco

Who we are: We are a scientific station that is responsible for administrating 6400 hectares of primary forest known as Bosque Protector Los Cedros.

Type of knowledge or skills needed: People need to be interested in the maintenance of a remote station some 3 hours from the nearest town. You have to want to spend time out on the trails where volunteers are responsible for keeping them open and patrolled. This allows a lot of contact with nature which is considered megadiverse.

There are many other activities including maintenance of a small garden, hydro system, water supply and replacing me as caretaker when I need to attend administrative details.

Non-cash donations: We need to keep our web page up to date. Any camping gear that would be used by our parkguards in patrolling the area. Good books and scientific equipment. GPS.

Languages spoken at charity: Español y Ingles

Contact name: Josef DeCoux
Telephone number: 593-99-277-8878 or less reliably but cheaper 593-2-285-5176

Address: Out in the bush, Magdalena Alto, near Chontal, Garcia Moreno, Cotacachi, Ecuador


Any further information the volunteer should know?
This is a real forest management operation.  You need clothing appropriate for the forest and rubber boots available here for less than 15$. We have pristine drinking water and a small hydro system. There has never been a case of malaria in 25 years.