What we do: We are a UK charity focusing mainly on building infrastructure and facilitating training in all kinds of education. We are branching into the health, forestry and agricultural sectors as well. Having built a full primary school in Chisala village Nkhata Bay District, Malawi, we have a great track record in building projects and are very open-minded regarding training opportunities. We also upgrade and renovate buildings and create new ones, like IT centres and libraries.

We operate in the Mzimba (Chikangawa area) and Nkhata Bay (Chisala village) Districts in Northern Malawi, known as the 'Warm Heart of Africa' for its amazing people and safe, friendly environment.

We need volunteers to: be emotionally and financially independent as we mainly act as facilitators, not babysitters. As a result you are given a wonderful degree of flexibility in the projects you can do as long as they are in line with the community and charity aims and objectives. Over 21s with a skill to impart to the local communities are welcome. The trustees and project managers in Malawi will guide and help you. Accommodation is safe, unique, raw and in stunning rural locations, and you will not forget your experience with the local people in Malawi.

We welcome skills of all kinds, but especially in education (teacher, TEFL/TESL, IT, librarian, language teacher including English/French), health (nurse, midwife, natural medicines, nutrition), forestry (replanting programmes, renewable energy, technical assistance, timber production, essential oil specialists, outgrowers schemes, feeding programmes, gardening).

Non-cash donations needed: Laptops, hard drives, memory sticks, digital cameras, mobile phones, stationary, story books, story tapes/DVDs, films and series (especially nature), clothes/jackets/ shoes/ hiking boots, toys, paints & brushes for play and building, creative materials (play doh, glitter etc), motorbikes, second hand vehicles, bicycles, Swiss army knives.

Contact name: Tanya Clarke (trustee & project manager) / Francois Hudson (trustee)
Telephone number: +265 (0) 999 600734 / (0) 999 377069 / (0) 1 994266
Email: tanya@xpand.org.uk / francois.hudson@cplmalawi.com

Postal Address: PO Box 1317, Mzuzu/ PoBox 35, Chikangawa
Physical address: Chikangawa, Viphya, Mzimba District, Northern Malawi

Website: www.xpand.org.uk/ www.cplmalawi.mw
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Expand.charity / http://www.facebook.com/CitrefinePlantations / We are on Twitter

Languages spoken: English (main business language) Chichewa (national vernacular), Tumbuka and Chetonga (local dialects).

Other useful information: The trustees of the charity live in Malawi and have an essential oil plantation, called Citrefine Plantations. We make raw oil that goes into natural insect repellents, cosmetics and perfumes. We also offer volunteering opportunities at this project site working in forestry and income generating opportunities for the local people who outgrow for us.