Finca Agroecologica La Flor

Finca Agroecologica La Flor, Environmental School and Sustainable Living Center, ASODECAH

Who we are: Funded in 1998 by an educator and a social worker we have worked since our fundation with the local community of La Flor and the project has given work to the local people as well as worked in their education on themes like agroecology and healthy life styles. The farm has hosted hundreds of kids form local schools, high schools, universities and groups of enthusiasts.

Type of knowledge or skills needed: Desire to work in a farm 4-6 daily and learn about many methods of sustainable living and practices of homesteading. The project work with volunteer programs and our activities are very diverse, we do organic agriculture, care for farm animals such as horses, goats, chickens, ducks, also elaboration of organic fertilizers, implementation of permaculture design of appropriate technologies, forest gardens and bioconstruction with cob, bamboo and other natural materials, we also do artistic projects with recycled material and elaboration of natural products to sell such as bread, cheese, yogurt, kefir, marmalades, dressing and sauces.

Non-cash donations: Work energy, skills and knowledge. Art materials, tools, seeds, what ever you have to disposition to share.

Languages spoken at charity: Spanish, english, french, german

Contact name: Jose Pablo Fernandez Quiros
Telephone number: (506)25348003

Address: (506)25348003, La Flor de Paraiso, Cartago, 128-7100 Paraiso, Costa Rica

Website:, facebook: Finca Agroecologica La Flor

Any further information the volunteer should know? There are several ways to get involved, volunteer programs, internships, Spanish institute and work positions available at the farm. There is a fee of the programs. Contat us for further information.

PD: Our involvement with society has taking us to many kinds of activism like the stimulation of systems of Economy of Solidarity and implementation of more social ways of trade, Ecovillage world movement involvement, trades of heirloom seeds to defend the natural non-patented seed as well as environmental causes like reforestation, anti-oil-explotation in Costa Rica and animal rights.