Your charity's information

You've hopefully had a look around the Waiting for a Cab website, and think it could be a useful resource for your charity. By reading the descriptions of other charities and what they're looking for, you've probably got a few ideas as to how a volunteer or donor could help your organisation.

When adding your charity's information, we advise that you keep your information short and to the point, this way people will be able to quickly browse your page to see if they'd like to find out more. They can go to your website if they'd like more detailed information.

This website is free to use, both for charities and volunteers. As we are trying to link people with useful skills with organisations that need them, we ask that charities do not charge volunteers for taking part. We are aware this is an important revenue stream for many charities, but the only financial arrangement this site encourages is through donations.

Other tips on entering your charity's details:

Who we are - The type of work your charity does, try and keep this section short and to the point.

Type of knowledge needed - What kind of knowledge or skill could a volunteer bring to your charity - skills in IT, engineering, teaching, nursing for example? 

Non-cash donations - This could be specific equipment your charity uses, or just useful day to day items such as clothing, a bicycle, mobile phones and so on.

Address - As Google maps will read the address you include as the charity's main address, we advise you include an address in the country in which you operate, rather than an address where the charity may be registered. This is because website users will be looking for organisations on the map of where they will be travelling, eg Ghana, not in countries where the charity may be administered, eg the UK.

Languages spoken at your charity - However many languages are spoken at your charity, it's a good idea to include them here as this may encourage people from different countries to get in touch.