Fundación Bolivar Education

Volunteer Work in Ecuador with Fundación Bolivar Education

Who we are: We are an Organization based in Quito and Cuenca in Ecuador with the main objective of providing help by sending international volunteers to different projects where help is highly needed.

Type of knowledge or skills needed: Depending on the project the Spanish skills could be needed from basic till advance, special skills in the fields like medicine or children care will not be needed

Non-cash donations: Apart of accommodation expenses some project will need some cash donation since it is the only way how they can keep on working.

Languages spoken at charity: Spanish

Contact name: Jorge Sandoval
Telephone number: 593 22234708

Address: e9-20 Mariscal Foch, Quito, 0000, Ecuador


Any further information the volunteer should know?
Fields of Volunteering:
Children Care
Teaching English
Animal care in the Amazon
Elderly Shelters