Fundación Santa Martha

Who we are: Santa Martha Foundation is a nonprofit organization that has developed a social work since 1997 in favor of children, adolescents in a state of moral and material abandonment. Through our Casa Hogar "Villa Martha Light of a New Life" our children and adolescents receive moral and spiritual training and support in the area of psychology and social work. We develop workshops Bakery, Confectionery, Computer, Agriculture, Farm and Kitchen with the aim of training the population housed in citizens with opportunities to face the challenges of life, contributing to a more just and equitable generating sustainable development of the country.

Type of knowledge or skills needed:
Knowledge: Basic Spanish.
Skills: Patience, leadership, responsible attitude.

Non-cash donations: Clothes, school supplies, shoes, office supplies.

Languages spoken at charity: Spanish

Contact name: Tom Reiss
Telephone number: 511 2311323
Email: tomreiss@fundacionsantamartha

Address: Lote 6, Parcela H, CPR CARDAL - PACHACAMAC - LIMA, LIMA19, PERÚ


Any further information the volunteer should know? Applicants to our volunteer program should send an email attached your resume, photo and letter of recommendation.