Fundacion Sierra Flor

Who we are: Sierra Flor Foundation is a non profit organization dedicated since 16 years ago to the integral education of children and youth from low-income rural area of Mulaló - Cotopaxi province in Ecuador. We provide love, care and early stimulation for preschool children and give quality education for primary and secondary students. In addition, we provide breakfast, fruit brakes, lunch and extracurricular activities.

Type of knowledge or skills needed:
1. Experienced and trained (bilingual, English and Mandarin speakers).
2. Nursery teachers.
3. Primary school (bilingual or English speakers) teachers.
4. Individuals with experience with fundraising that want to make a meaningful contribution to the sustainable development of our community.
5. Doctors, nurses, or senior (at least in your fourth year) medical students to collaborate  with our medical program.

Non-cash donations:
The volunteers form an integral part in the development of the Project because they contribute their experiences in diverse cultures, in life and in academic support, allowing the children to see that there exists a real world beyond their borders. They also create the necessity in the students to utilize the languages that they are acquiring, generating a medium of multilingual communication.

In exchange for the valuable collaboration of the volunteers, the Sierra Flor Foundation offers food and housing in the volunteer house located within the parameters of the foundation.

Languages spoken at charity: Spanish, English and Mandarin

Contact name: Ana María Alvarez
Telephone number: 5939 99195807

Address: Calle Principal Barrio Mancheno, Mulalo Cotopaxi, Ecuador


Any further information the volunteer should know?
Sierra Flor Foundation provides its volunteers with breakfast, midmorning snack (i.e. Some of our requirements include: 1. resume, 2. two reference letters, 3. police record, 4. international medical insurance (scanned copy), (items 1, 2, 3 and 4 sent via e-mail) 5. filling out an application form (found in our website), 6. Skype  interview if needed.  We strongly recommend that you get the Yellow Fever and Hepatitis A and B vaccines (this is not a requirement).