Help for a drop of water

Who we are: HFDW is legally registered NGO/CSO established by seven young female former Mekelle University students in 2009. We engage in humanitarian oriented projects with a special focus on provision of clean and potable water to the needy rural community.

The seven young university students have recognized and realized that Safe Water is life, a critical basic need and human right. The volunteer university students have also realized that the number of universities is increasing in this country and recognized that university students have great potential and power to participation in developmental issue of their communities.

Type of knowledge or skills needed: Training facilitator, proposal writing, fundraising team, comprehensive report writing, communication officer.

Non-cash donations: we receive all kind of Non cash donations with pleasure!
Languages spoken at your charity: English and Amharic

Contact name: Hermella wondimu
Telephone number: +251910-28 6321

Address: Bole road, Addis Ababa, 9518, Ethiopia