Holy Cross Hospice

What we do: We provide pallaitive care(end-of life-care) in a small outpatient unit. Patients are brougth to the hospice, offered food, counselling, massage, basic nursing care and medical attention. We also run a pre-school caring for 55 children ages 3-6. We are working on offering palliative care training to health care professionals in the country.

We need volunteers to: Volunteers with skills related to palliative care are of great interest to us, doctors, nurses, social workers, spiritual workers, people with extensive counselling experience.People with previous experince with palliative care.

Non-cash donations needed: Medical equipment, food, clothing etc.

Contact name: Erik Isaksson
Telephone number: +267 390 2980, +267 72982680
Email: holycrosshospice@gmail.com

Address: Plot 4304, Gaborone, Mboya Close Road, Postal address Private bag, 00287, Gaborone, Botswana

Website: www.holycrosshospice.org

Languages spoken: English, Setswana