The Independent Film Trust

Who we are: 
The IFT acts to advance the cause of independent film-making. Its activities include the provision of basic film training for disadvantaged people (those who would not otherwise get the chance to do this) and the funding of scholarships for individuals who have shown film-making talent but would benefit from help in career development. It also promotes independently-produced films which for one reason or another have not reached the audiences they deserve (for instance, by organising special screenings and DVD releases). However, it does not support the development or production of individual films.
Type of knowledge or skills needed: 
The IFT is seeking assistance in a number of areas, including any or all of data entry, database management, organising mailshots, researching and negotiating with venues, arranging fund-raising events, copywriting, website maintenance and development, social media activity through Facebook, Twitter and so on.
Non-cash donations: 
The main non-financial support that the IFT receives is volunteer working time.
Languages spoken at charity: 
Contact name: 
Neil McCartney
Telephone number: 
+44 7788 108111
9 Collier Road, Cambridge, CB1 2AH, UK
Any further information the volunteer should know?: 
We are looking for several people who could carry out these tasks on a one-off, short-term or long-term basis. We do not actually have office space beyond my own home-office facility at Collier Road. So most of the work would be done remotely, and can be done quite easily on this basis. Some other tasks, such as checking names off a guest list or selling raffle tickets, would be carried out at the venue we were using for a particular event.