Initiatives for Land, Lives & Peace

Who we are: 
We are a programme of Initiatives of Change International which is Swiss registered, and we are currently most active in Switzerland, Kenya and the UK. ILLP promotes peace-building through land restoration by: • Promoting and demonstrating changes in human relationships and attitudes as a key condition for both peace and land restoration • Bringing together stakeholders in an atmosphere of mutual trust to facilitate partnerships for land restoration, especially at the annual Caux Dialogue on Land & Security, in Switzerland. • Advocating policies and practices which favour peace, trust-building & land restoration
Type of knowledge or skills needed: 
• We are developing a network of land restoration and trust-building practitioners, so contacts in these fields are always welcome. • We need to develop our capacity to deliver our vision of peace-making through land restoration, needing such skills as communications, website construction and management, fundraising and event management. • We are always interested in people's stories and experience of restoring land, especially when they involve addressing the human obstacles which are so often harder to overcome than technical ones.
Non-cash donations: 
• For those with time to offer, ILLP is a substantially volunteer-based organisation, always interested in how to match our requirements with services people feel able to offer. • Do you have unused Air Miles or other Points which could be used to support ILLP's operations? • Accommodation can be a big expense. Accommodation that can be offered in Geneva or Nairobi could be an enormous help.
Languages spoken at charity: 
English is our main working language, followed by French.
Contact name: 
Chris Evans
Telephone number: 
UK - +44 7967 104163
Dial House, Whitbourne, Worcester, WR6 5SG, UK