Karuna Youth Club

Who we are: Karuna Youth Club was created by youth who live in the slum area to help other poor youth and children who need both physical and emotional support. Starting out empty handed, Karuna Youth Club has involved the community with humanitarian work by educating the public about leadership, health, environment, culture, tradition, law, and general knowledge. We hope to spread and share what we know with other youth and children in the community for their betterment through compassion among each other.

Type of knowledge needed: Involvement with youth projects at the club. Teaching and experience sharing through leadership, group work, communication, self-development, art and creative ideas. Social media updates and sharing.

Non-cash donations: School materials, clothes, reading books, children's toys.

Languages spoken: Kymer, English

Contact: Phearth, President
Telephone: (+855) 77 906120
Email: kyclub.info@ymail.com

Address: House #48B, Realway street Sangkat Beoung Kok2, Khan Toul Kok, Phnom Penh

Website: http://ky-club.blogspot.com.au/p/who-we-are_12.html