Little Stars - Luxor Children's Trust

Who we are: The Little Stars Luxor Trust Fund was formed in late May 2007 by friends who knew of the appalling conditions in which many of Luxor’s orphans, disabled and disadvantaged children exist rather than live. This we do through a number of projects - shelters for street children, training workshops for widows and girls, improving living conditions and rebuilding collapsed houses, transporting disabled children to clinics and so on.

Type of knowledge or skills needed: As our partners and the children we look after rarely speak English, it's imperative that volunteers wishing to spend time with the children speak some Arabic. That said, if a volunteer is a trades person such as a builder or carpenter, who could help us maintain our buildings, or is professionally trained as a dentist or physiotherapist for example, then we'll do our best to find a way to accommodate you!

Non-cash donations: Toys, clothing and shoes for children and young adults. Providing food parcels, health care, wheelchairs and walking aids for Luxor’s needy children. Providing physiotherapy, dental and general health treatment for disabled children.

Languages spoken at your charity: Arabic (and English in the UK).

Contact name: Connie Tindale
Telephone number: UK - 00 44 (0) 1603 810 662. Egypt - (002) 01624 65554.
Email: or

Address: Monongahela, Grove Road, Hethersett, NR9 3JP, England


Any further information the volunteer should know?
£5 - will buy clothes or shoes for a child, or a big warm blanket to protect a family against the cold winter night, or buy medicine for a sick child or pay the charge schools make for the use of books.
£10 - will mend a straw roof, or re-wire a one-room home to make it safe, or buy a cotton mattress for a bench bed, or buy fruit juice for all the
children at the clinic for 3 days, or sponsor a family for one month.
£50 - will rewire a small home to make it safe, will buy equipment for the new Training Centre, will buy a new wheelchair or will pay the wages of an experienced teacher for a month. It is also sufficient to pay for the materials and labour to lay a cement floor in one room of a mud brick house.