Luz del Mundo

Who we are: Luz del Mundo is a home/child minding centre in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, run by Gabriela Rojas Llave. Local children attend and are offered English classes as well as other extra curricular activities such as theatre, music and cultural studies. There is no cultural centre in Santa Cruz and the aim of these classes is to provide the children with a rich knowledge of their culture.

Gabriela, the director provides them with lunch and all of their learning materials, birthday and Christmas parties/presents, haircuts as well as encouragement and the loving support that they need.

Type of knowledge or skills needed: We need volunteers to help with teaching English and we would also welcome volunteers with a background in music, theatre or any other skills that could help our organisation.

The Centre is open 4 days per week, Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat, for 4 hours in the morning only (the children go to school around mid-day). As a volunteer expect to play with the kids, teach English, Computers, help the children with their homework, help in running the centre, etc. Activities initiated by the volunteers are very welcome.

Non-cash donations: If you are interested in volunteering and bringing non-cash donations please get in touch first with our volunteer coordinator.

Languages spoken at charity: Spanish, English

Contact name: Stephanie
Telephone number: -

Address: Calle 1, 12 de Diciembre, Barrio Plan 3000, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia