Mali Development Group

Who we are: 
Our organisation was formed in 2001, with the objectives of supporting development work in Mali, and promoting awareness in this country about the people and culture of Mali. We now have charitable status and are actively raising money and supporting work in Mali through the Bamako based Malian organisation Jeunesse et Developpement (J&D).
Type of knowledge or skills needed: 
We have lots of opportunities for people to be involved on a regular or occasional basis. We are always looking for new ways to promote the charity so the following list gives some examples of how people have contributed, but there will be others that we have not thought of yet or you might want to suggest to us: fundraising, awareness-raising (campaigning), French speaking / translation, IT skills. Help at fundraising events - including eg cooking, moving furniture, bar tending, etc.
Non-cash donations: 
Time and skills as explained above
Languages spoken at charity: 
English in UK, French in Mali
Contact name: 
John Hedge
Telephone number: 
0845 833 1662
50 Friars Street, Sudbury, C10 2AG, UK