MaMA - Mandimba alliances in Mozambique Africa

What we do: Improving maternal and child health and gaining control over AIDS, TB and malaria are essential to reaching the Millennium Development Goals which the United Nations agreed to as part of a push to halve the number of people living in poverty by 2015.

In order to do so, two things must happen.

First - the world must continue to increase its investments in health.
Second - the numerous streams of resources available need to be channelled more effectively.

We already have a strong relationship with Mandimba, built up through visits during the last six years. It is one of the poorest places in the world, ranking seventh from the bottom in the poor health and poverty league tables. In 2008, we did a survey of the healthcare in this district and our recommendations and strategies form the basis of our activity there and underpin our fundraising efforts this year.

By working in one geographically specific area, we are able to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of our activity. Mandimba District is a group of 75 villages, total population around 200,000 people. Our actions there are driven by local aspirations and needs and are developed at the pace of the community. Successful projects can then be transferred to other villages, using local skills and labour to ensure necessary ownership and sustainability of MaMA actvities.

We need volunteers to:

Support one of our events. They will be advertised on Facebook or join our e-mailing list by sending your contact details.

Become a member of MaMA.

Become a partner charity if you are working in a similar programme or geographically nearby and we will learn from networking. We will put a link on our site to your organisation.


All money received goes directly to make one of our projects a life saving reality for the people of Mandimba. We can only do this with your help...

Start a fundraiser for us - get in touch and we will give you lots of ideas...

Tell your friends - help raise awareness of what we are trying to do and the struggle to help this small district reach the Millenium Goals agreed by governments, World Bank and churches worldwide.

Contact name: Francesca Keating, Secretary & In-Country Director
Telephone number: +44 7885 761 855

Address: c/o Inivo Limited, Ashley House, 86-94 High Street, Hounslow, TW3 1NH