Naqaqa Giving Foundation

Who we are: 
Naqaqa Giving Foundation has been providing direct support for education, health, and wellbeing to Fijians in remote villages since 2004. We have built a small private hospital where tens of thousands of patients have been treated; we've funded hundreds of years of school fees, distributed tons of clothing, funded life-saving surgeries, donated hundred of acres of land for farming, build libraries, paid the salaries of teachers, funded women's groups, put the first electric light in a village, provided infrastructure for clean drinking water, and much, much more.
Type of knowledge or skills needed: 
Passion, experience, focus, love.
Non-cash donations: 
Clothing, books, stationary, prescription eye wear, educational tools, games, sports equipment, farming equipment, medical supplies, medicine, your time, energy and love.
Languages spoken at charity: 
English, Fijian, Hindi
Contact name: 
Max Cross
Telephone number: 
Naqaqa Estate, Hibiscus Highway, Savusavu, Fiji
Any further information the volunteer should know?: 
The Fijian people are the kindest and most friendly on Earth. They have many blessings by being born in Fiji, however many lack the basics. You can help.